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CAUTION - Important Announcement. Please be aware.
Our former Web Site is now a fraud.
(our former primary web location), is no more. It has been HiJacked by a foreign entity, and is no longer published by UltraSoft. This includes existing site materials, including Web-Pages, Software Packages, (DoorGames, Freeware and Shareware), Graphics, Scripting et al. It is now administered (without permission of course), from a non-descript organization located in Russia. They are's new Hosting and Domain Registration Customer for the fraudulent URL.

Further Domain and Hosting information is available HERE.
(Scroll down, below the ads).

However on the surface they are offering the same things that were always there, including bogus official UltraSoft product Downloads and Registration. What their objective in doing this, or what GoDaddy's motivation for allowing such illicit activity on their servers, is unclear. But it certainly can't be good.  Additionally, their messaging system does not forward to us, as it states it does, and of course, did at one time.

The fake offerings at that location now, may also contain dangerous Viruses, Trojans or Malware. Under no circumstances should anyone send them any Funds, Credit Card information, or personal data They are NOT US, nor are they affiliated with us in any way, as they attempt to state on the web-site.

So please change any bookmarks you may have, and conduct any activities related to UltraSoft Products and Services, here. At present, this and the Fortune City location are our only two valid web locations. Of course our Door Games, Shareware and Freeware can be found at many fine web-sites around the Internet. 

 Thank you. 
-UltraSoft Management


You can always find our latest versions at:

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